Wanna be creative for 30 days, just for the joy of it?

Painting 2

Hello Big Visionaries!

I’m working on a new e-course tentatively called, Just for the Joy of It: 30-Day Creativity Challenge for Busy People. I’ll be guiding folks through how to embrace the time they have and use it to express their creative potential. We’ll be focusing on process, not product, so anyone can play, even if they feel like they’re not a “real” artist, writer, musician, crafter, etc.

I know that spending time being creative can feel like a luxury, but numerous studies have shown that creative self-expression (e.g. visual arts, crafting, writing, singing, dancing, coloring) can improve our health and happiness, so really, creative time is a necessity!

I’m offering a huge discount to a limited number of people who commit to participating actively in the first session and giving me honest feedback on the course content and activities.

If you’re interested in joining the first session, please complete this very short form.

Painting by me.