Juicy Blogging E-Course: The Art & Play of Blogging

January 25-February 15, 2012

Do you want to re-energize your blog and blogging practice, or rediscover the ♥ of your blog? During this 4-week e-course you’ll play with fun assignments through a private blog with your fellow juicy bloggers.

The course consists of three kinds of fun-work:

Reflection questions to refine your blog’s purpose
Connection assignments to build community and traffic
Creative and juicy blog post prompts to get you writing

While working at your own pace, this course will help you:

• Discover what you love to write about
• Create a big ‘ole list of juicy blog post topics
• Learn tricks & tips for building community & traffic
• Design a blogging schedule that works for you
• Connect with other juicy bloggers


Your blog posts and juicy homework assignments will be posted on Wednesdays (January 25, February 1, 8, 15). Even though the last blog posts and homework will go up on February 15, you’ll want to take the following week to read and do the homework, so really, the class “ends” on February 22.

Course Outline

Week 1
Creation: Let’s Get Visual + 100 Words + Blog Role Models
Connection: Tell Them That You Love Them
Reflection: What’s Juicy for You?

Week 2
Creation: Your Story + Asking Questions + Voice
Connection: Help Your Fans Help You
Reflection: Why Do You Blog? Who Are Your Peeps?

Week 3
Creation: How-to Lists + Smiles + Your Favorite Idea
Connection: Go to a Virtual Cocktail Party
Reflection: Brainstorm-a-rama

Week 4
Creation: Juicy Posts, Contests, Giveaways + Getting Out of Your Head
Connection: Guest Posts, Interviews + Link Love
Reflection: Calendar of Commitment + Measuring Success

Juicy Bonus

You’ll receive a coupon for 25% off a one-hour blog coaching session tailored just for you.


• 2-3 hours per week (that’s less than half an hour a day!)
• $125.00

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Testimonials from students

“There is both an ‘art and science’ of blogging. You’ve presented resources for the science, and great tips for the art.”

“So sad the class is over! . . . THANK YOU.  I loved it.”

“The best part of it all is that it is just so much fun!”

“Britt’s e-course was great. It helped me find my blogging voice. It provided me with solid ideas and steps to improve my blogging practice. It also helped me plan for how to build my readership via blogging as well as other social media outlets. Wonderful course!”

“Loving this course. Blogging is addictive.”

“Britt Bravo’s Juicy Blogging class is giving me a lot to think about, in the best possible way!

“The class is great. I am learning a lot, and the pace and format are working for me.”

“I have a much, much better idea what I’m doing with my blog now.”

“As a ‘non-blogger’ I found the Juicy Blogging E-Course to be of great value to me. It gave me basic understanding of the blogosphere and basic skills for how to incorporate a blog into my website. It was a good value to connect with Britt Bravo who has a great blog and lots of good insight.”

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