Which sounds like you?

hummingbird waving1. You need content.

I’ll craft pieces for your blog, or e-news in my voice, or yours.

“Britt Bravo is an excellent advocate for nonprofit community development. She practices, but doesn’t preach, using a writing and conversation style that opens brains, hearts and wallets.” ~ Lisa Stone, entrepreneur, digital strategist, co-founder of BlogHer

“Britt worked to build a community around the idea of NetSquared from the beginning of the project. Her deep knowledge of the nonprofit field and connection to people working on issues of social change made her a natural and enthusiastic fit. Her clear communication helped to build our readership, refine our outreach and, generally, make sure that we are making sense.” ~ Marnie Webb, CEO, Caravan Studios, a division of TechSoup Global

hummingbird waving2. You need a second set of eyes on your writing.

I’ll edit, revise, and tighten up your blog posts, articles, books, and e-books.

“Britt is like a skilled massage therapist for the written word. Not only does she work out the little kinks and bumps that you go in complaining about, she also finds the connections between parts that seem unconnected to help you tell your complete, authentic story. Through dialogue and questions, she guides you through the overwhelm of writing into a journey of exploration, and helps you transform your literary dreams into reality.” ~ Heather Meyer, author, Ready: Heartbreak, Dating and My Journey Toward Love

hummingbird waving3. You’re redesigning your website.

I’ll write copy that reflects your new identity and message.

“Britt is a talented copywriter and a pleasure to work with. I hired her to write the text for our organization’s new website. This task relied heavily on Britt’s ability to extract clear and accessible messaging from nuanced and opaque ‘internal speak’. She approached the task with patience and enthusiasm, and delivered an outstanding work product. I hope to have the opportunity to work with her again in the future.”
~ Zoé Styron, Director of Communications and Marketing, The Salmon Project

hummingbird waving4. You want to grow your own, or your organization’s communications capacity.

I’ll create customized trainings to meet your team’s needs, or we can work one-on-one to grow your skills. You can also join one of my upcoming classes. I specialize in blogging and in working with people who feel overwhelmed, or intimidated by technology and social media.

“Working with Britt is a real pleasure — from her cheery voice on the phone to her excellent advice. Britt demystifies blogging with news-you-can-use tips, must-have features and suggestions for blogging best practices. I highly recommend working with Britt, especially at that pre-blogging phase when everything feels overwhelming.”
~ Ellen Newman, Strategic Storyteller

“Britt’s Juicy Blogging class has been life changing, and that’s not something I say easily! Before the class, I had written one blog post. Now I have dozens of ideas, but more importantly, I know precisely how to make them interesting to readers in my field, where to post them, how to publicize them, and how to keep my voice authentic to my personality. Britt’s suggestions and tips are so specific it’s hard not to be successful if you follow her advice. I can’t recommend working with Britt highly enough – I’ve been telling everyone how awesome it has been, and what a huge boost it’s been in terms of visibility for my small business!”
~ Missy Longshore, Longshore Consulting

hummingbird waving5. You want to clarify and take action on your Big Vision.

We’ll clarify your Big Vision, create an action plan to manifest it, and move gracefully through any obstacles you might face.

“Britt is extremely effective at whipping your business plans and goals into shape. She is organized and motivating, and always has a creative solution to every problematic hurdle. I highly recommend Britt for helping to clarify your big vision and taking the small steps to make it happen.”
~ Jennifer Moore, Owner, Monaluna

“My one-hour big vision consulting session gave me enough food for thought on my next moves and direction to last me for years.” ~ Virada Chatikul, Owner, White Goose Chen Taiji and Imagintana


Let’s chat about how we can work together to communicate your Big Vision with the world!

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