Just for the Joy of It: 30-Day Creativity Practice for Busy People

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I’m a big believer that having a regular creativity practice is essential for our well-being. Spending a little time each day being creative can make us feel good on so many levels, but many of us struggle to make the time because:

• Our schedules are packed
• We feel guilty doing something “just for fun”
• It activates an old creativity wound

If you’re feeling like now is the moment to make time for your creativity, and you’d like a structure and supportive community to help you develop a creativity practice, you’ve come to the right place!

How it works

postcardsDuring the first week, you’ll get ready to start your 30-day creativity practice by noticing how you spend your time, brainstorming quick creative project ideas, thinking about places you can create in, gathering supplies, connecting with a “creative practice pal,” and setting your intentions for the week ahead.

Once we enter the 30-day creativity practice time, you’ll receive an email each day with a photo and quote to remind you to create that day. Like training for a marathon (in this case, it’s your creativity practice life marathon!), the amount of time will increase each week. Here’s the schedule:

  • Week 1: Laying the foundation for your creativity practice
  • Week 2: Create for 5 minutes/day
  • Week 3: Create for 10 minutes/day
  • Week 4: Create for 15 minutes/day
  • Week 5: How to continue your creativity practice

Creative practice pal

Once you’ve finished your creativity practice time each day, you’ll be encouraged to share how it went with your Creative creative practice textPractice Pal (CPP). Your CPP can be a friend that you text or email each day, or you can use the course’s online community as your CPP by leaving a comment at the bottom of the day’s lesson where it says, “How’d it go?” You can leave a quick comment like, “I did it!” or a longer reflection on your experience. You can even upload a photo or video about your day, if you like. If you didn’t make time for your creativity practice that day, you can share that with your CPP too. You’re cultivating a creativity practice, not a creativity perfect. The most important thing is to try your best to create each day, just for the joy of it ( :

I believe so strongly that having a “creative practice pal” to check in with each day will help you develop your creative practice, that when you sign up, I’ll send you a special discount code to pass on to a friend who you’d like to take the course with you. After your friend adds the course to their cart, they can paste the code in the discount box and their total will show as $0 when they check out.

What students say

“I absolutely loved this course, and the container you created for it.”

“Thanks so much for creating this course. It got me through a month of this very in-­between time.”

“Before this class I never thought of dancing around or singing as being creative, but that has been a wonderful takeaway from this whole course.”

“Thanks again for the fantastic experience!”

“The course provided me with exactly what I needed when I needed it.”

Getting what you need

Many e-courses have lots of features (e.g. reading, videos, interviews, conference calls, webinars, etc.). Because this course is meant for busy people, I’ve kept the content to a minimum: a week to get ready, a reminder email each day with occasional inspirational tidbits sprinkled in, and an online community for support. If you have any questions, or if there is something you’d like to read, hear, see, discuss, or experience to help with your creativity practice, please let me know in the comments of the course, or email me.


About me

Britt Bravo Big Vision ConsultantI’m a big vision consultant, teacher and writer who helps creative entrepreneurs, social innovators, writers, artists and healers realize their big vision for their work in the world in a fun, intuitive and practical way. I’ve guided hundreds of people to realize their big visions through workshops and one-on-one coaching.

For many years, I taught a workshop based on the book Creating a Life Worth Living: Career Design for the Creativity Inclined by Carol Lloyd. I also facilitated young people telling their stories through oral storytelling, theater, writing, and digital storytelling as a teacher and program director for the arts education nonprofit, Streetside Stories.

I received my Master’s degree in Creation Spirituality from the Institute of Culture and Creation Spirituality at Holy Names College where I wrote my thesis on art-as-meditation. I was also the host and producer of the Arts and Healing Network’s podcast for six years.

I expresses my own creativity through blogging, Instagram, collage, cooking and intuitive painting. You can follow me on Twitter at @bbravo

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