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We’ll clarify your Big Vision and create an action plan to achieve it.

I can’t believe that we were able to cover so much in a mere hour. Honestly, I will be busy implementing your suggestions for months to come. Very rarely, if ever, have I received that kind of value from a consultant. You’re the best!
~ Diane Valenti, Founder, Llama Expeditions

“My one-hour big vision consulting session gave me enough food for thought on my next moves and direction to last me for years.”
~ Virada Chatikul, Owner, White Goose Chen Taiji

“Britt’s support has been invaluable. She has amazing insight and offers keen advice. I always leave a meeting with her re-inspired and with a concrete plan of action. She has helped me immeasurably grow my art business and I am very grateful to her for that.”
~ Mary Daniel Hobson, Mixed Media Artist

“At a time when I was really uncertain about personal and professional decisions I had to make, Britt made a big difference for me. She helped me map out step-by-step what my options were, allowing me to consider career goals and personal happiness. The choice wasn’t easy at first, but Britt’s techniques and support helped me feel confident enough to start a nonprofit and do the work that had always been my dream.”
~ Abby Jaramillo, Founder, Urban Sprouts

“Working with Britt was insightful and surprising. Her direct and in depth questioning empowered me to uncover my fears and discover my courage to settle for nothing less than my best!”
~ Gabriela Masala, Transformational Consultant


  • Customized workshops for your team
  • One-on-one training to grow your skills
  • Specialties: Blogging, and working with people who feel overwhelmed, intimidated by, or unsure about social media.

“Working with Britt is a real pleasure — from her cheery voice on the phone to her excellent advice. Britt demystifies blogging with news-you-can-use tips, must-have features and suggestions for blogging best practices. I highly recommend working with Britt, especially at that pre-blogging phase when everything feels overwhelming.”
~ Ellen Newman, Strategic Storyteller

“Britt’s Juicy Blogging class has been life changing, and that’s not something I say easily! Before the class, I had written one blog post. Now I have dozens of ideas, but more importantly, I know precisely how to make them interesting to readers in my field, where to post them, how to publicize them, and how to keep my voice authentic to my personality. Britt’s suggestions and tips are so specific it’s hard not to be successful if you follow her advice. I can’t recommend working with Britt highly enough – I’ve been telling everyone how awesome it has been, and what a huge boost it’s been in terms of visibility for my small business!”
~ Missy Longshore, Longshore Consulting

“I came to Britt curious about how I could increase traffic to my blog. In an instant, I had tips and lists of best practices, I had her calm, experienced voice advising me of specific ways to help people link to and find out about my content. I was reassured and encouraged and even, dare I say, confident, that I could do much if not all of what she suggested. In the months since I consulted with Britt the graph of visits to my site shot straight up and continued to climb!”
~Allison Fine, Author, Matterness: What Fearless Leaders Know About the Power and Promise of Social Media


  • Website copywriting
  • Blog post ghost writing
  • Editing blog posts and short e-books
  • Specialty: Making your difficult to explain, innovative, visionary, and/or “out there” work easy to understand.

“Britt is like a skilled massage therapist for the written word. Not only does she work out the little kinks and bumps that you go in complaining about, she also finds the connections between parts that seem unconnected to help you tell your complete, authentic story. Through dialogue and questions, she guides you through the overwhelm of writing into a journey of exploration, and helps you transform your literary dreams into reality.”
~ Heather Meyer, author, Ready: Heartbreak, Dating and My Journey Toward Love

“Britt helped me craft copy for my website. She interviewed me and then turned my words into succinct and clear copy. Britt is brilliant at what she does. She is reliable, prompt, and gracious, too.”
~ Julie Daley, Transformational Coach

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