img_8387I believe we are meant to do work that lights us up and makes the world a better place. The road to finding and living your big vision has twists and turns (many of them unexpected). You can become confused, discouraged, and not sure what to do next.

During your one-on-one big vision consulting session, we’ll work together to help you clarify your big vision for your work in the world and create a plan to help you take action.

I’m very flexible with session scheduling. Some people like to work together regularly (e.g. every Tuesday), while others prefer to set up a call whenever they’re ready to take the next step.

I can’t believe that we were able to cover so much in a mere hour. Honestly, I will be busy implementing your suggestions for months to come. Very rarely, if ever, have I received that kind of value from a consultant. You’re the best!
~ Diane Valenti, Founder, Llama Expeditions

“My one-hour big vision consulting session gave me enough food for thought on my next moves and direction to last me for years.”
~ Virada Chatikul, Owner, White Goose Chen Taiji and Imagintana

“Britt is extremely effective at whipping your business plans and goals into shape. She is organized and motivating, and always has a creative solution to every problematic hurdle. I highly recommend Britt for helping to clarify your big vision and taking the small steps to make it happen.”
~ Jennifer Moore, Owner, Monaluna

“Britt’s support has been invaluable. She has amazing insight and offers keen advice. I always leave a meeting with her re-inspired and with a concrete plan of action. She has helped me immeasurably grow my art business, and I am very grateful to her for that.”
~ Mary Daniel Hobson, Mixed Media Artist

“At a time when I was really uncertain about personal and professional decisions I had to make, Britt made a big difference for me. She helped me map out step-by-step what my options were, allowing myself to consider career goals and personal happiness. The choice wasn’t easy at first, but Britt’s techniques and support helped me feel confident enough to start a nonprofit and do the work that had always been my dream.”
~ Abby Jaramillo, Founder, Urban Sprouts

“Working with Britt was insightful and surprising. Her direct and in depth questioning empowered me to uncover my fears and discover my courage to settle for nothing less than my best!”
~ Gabriela Masala, Transformational Consultant

“Britt helped me successfully navigate the non-linear twists and turns of the journey, including the dissertation marathon, that comprised my doctoral studies in international human rights education. Britt is optimistically pragmatic, organized, action-oriented, inspired in her ability to work with clients’ habits and idiosyncrasies across contexts, and inspiring. Her vision for her clients is big and generous, but the steps she recommends are manageable, easy to implement, and generate their own positive momentum!”
~ Michelle Yee, Ed.D.

Please email me with any questions, or if you would like to purchase a session(s) as a gift.

4 One-Hour Big Vision Mentoring Sessions
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One-Hour Big Vision Mentoring Session
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