Are you:

Overwhelmed by all of your ideas?
Stuck deciding your next step?
Unsure of how to communicate your Big Vision?

Our work together will help you become focused, organized, and grounded.


Our coaching sessions will help you clarify, create, and communicate your Big Vision. Our work together will give you:

  • Manageable, practical action steps to take each week
  • Resources to help you move through challenges
  • A thought partner to bounce ideas off of when you’re too close to them
  • An accountability buddy to keep you from losing momentum
  • Clarity about how to express your Big Vision in your copy and online content


$375/month. 3-month commitment. Package includes:

  • 2 one-hour Zoom calls each month, or if you live in Northern California, 2 one-hour walking meetings in the Oakland area.
  • Email support between calls
  • Notes and action steps summarized after each session

Schedule your free 30-minute phone, or Zoom call.

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We’ll work together to express your Big Vision in a clear way that captures your unique voice in your:

  • Website copy
  • Blog posts
  • E-news articles
  • Or e-book

Have a different kind of project in mind? Let’s talk about it!

Schedule your free 30-minute phone, or Zoom call.

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What some big visionaries have said about working with me:

“My one-hour big vision session gave me enough food for thought on my next moves and direction to last me for years.”

Virada Chatikul, owner, XiDao

“Britt has been an efficient, incisive, and impactful ally. She cuts through the noise and distractions, zeroes in on the crucial dilemmas I face, and helps me move forward with clarity and momentum. I recommend Britt highly to other creatives who are searching for ways to bring their passions to the world.”

Nina Schnall, Yoga of Writing Instructor & Artistic Director

“Working with you has been a huge pleasure. You help me untangle whatever knots I’m dealing with and turn my angst into actionable lists.”

Ellen Newman, Founder, Hidden-inSite

“Britt is a phenomenal coach! She delivered on every promise she made to help me generate momentum for my reiki practice. She is delightfully both kind and direct, thoughtful and action-oriented, adaptive and Big Vision-centered. I’m so glad I hired her, am forever grateful for the positive influence she had on my practice, and recommend her wholeheartedly!”

Christine Egger, Reiki Master & Teacher

“Thank you for your editing and excellent coaching work. You really helped me organize—and save me from myself.”

Dyan Machan, Executive Producer, Cine-Symphony

“At a time when I was really uncertain about personal and professional decisions I had to make, Britt made a big difference for me. She helped me map out step-by-step what my options were, allowing me to consider career goals and personal happiness. The choice wasn’t easy at first, but Britt’s techniques and support helped me feel confident enough to start a nonprofit and do the work that had always been my dream.”

Abby Jaramillo, founder, Urban Sprouts

I loved working with Britt as a coach and thought partner. I appreciate her creative, positive, and outside-of-the box thinking

Milana Leshinky, Founder, Simplicity Circle

“Britt is like a skilled massage therapist for the written word. Not only does she work out the little kinks and bumps that you go in complaining about, she also finds the connections between parts that seem unconnected to help you tell your complete, authentic story. Through dialogue and questions, she guides you through the overwhelm of writing into a journey of exploration, and helps you transform your literary dreams into reality.”

Heather Alaine, author, Ready: Heartbreak, Dating, and My Journey Toward Love

“Britt’s Juicy Blogging class has been life changing, and that’s not something I say easily! Before the class, I’d written one blog post. Now I have dozens of ideas, but more importantly, I know precisely how to make them interesting to readers in my field, where to post them, how to publicize them, and how to keep my voice authentic to my personality. Britt’s suggestions and tips are so specific it’s hard not to be successful if you follow her advice. I can’t recommend working with Britt highly enough. I’ve been telling everyone how awesome it has been, and what a huge boost it’s been in terms of visibility for my small business!”

Missy Longshore, Founder, Longshore Consulting