Make Your Big Vision Real

I empower creative entrepreneurs to communicate their Big Vision online.

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You have a Big Vision for your work in world. It might be a business, book, blog, or project. You see the potential for how it could help others while also bringing you joy, and maybe become a source of income.

But you’re not making any progress on it.

You’re an idea person, a creative, an innovator, and a visionary. Passion is your fuel. You make decisions based on your feelings and your gut.

Working this way has gotten you far in life, but you’ve realized that if you want to make your big vision real, you’re going to have to add some structure to your flow and be able to communicate it to others.

I guide purpose-driven entrepreneurs and organizations with a Big Vision to create a manageable action plan, and to communicate clearly and authentically online.

If you’re feeling resistance to:

  • Making a long-term plan
  • Having a structured work day
  • Simplifying your message so everyone can understand it
  • Using online communications tools

I can help.

Together we’ll:

  • Create a plan and find a daily work routine that helps you make progress, but doesn’t feel stifling.
  • Communicate your work in a way that is clear, but still captures its core message.
  • Make an authentic, manageable communications plan.
  • Learn the basics about social media and blogging if you are a newbie or tech-shy.

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“Britt is optimistically pragmatic, organized, action-oriented, inspired in her ability to work with clients’ habits and idiosyncrasies across contexts, and inspiring. Her vision for her clients is big and generous, but the steps she recommends are manageable, easy to implement, and generate their own positive momentum!”
~ Michelle Yee, EdD