Welcome wonderful Big Visionary!

Now more than ever we need people like you who can bring the broken parts of ourselves and our world together.

Let’s work together to make your big vision real and share it with the people who need it most.

“Britt is optimistically pragmatic, organized, action-oriented, inspired in her ability to work with clients’ habits and idiosyncrasies across contexts, and inspiring. Her vision for her clients is big and generous, but the steps she recommends are manageable, easy to implement, and generate their own positive momentum!”

Michelle Yee, EdD

“At a time when I was really uncertain about personal and professional decisions I had to make, Britt made a big difference for me. She helped me map out step-by-step what my options were, allowing me to consider career goals and personal happiness. The choice wasn’t easy at first, but Britt’s techniques and support helped me feel confident enough to start a nonprofit and do the work that had always been my dream.”

Abby Jaramillo, Founder, Urban Sprouts