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You have an idea for how your work could make our lives better, but you feel overwhelmed, stuck, or confused about how to take it from idea to reality.

Our coaching sessions will help you clarify, create, and communicate your Big Vision.

In this time of great change, we need creative entrepreneurs, changemakers, writers, artists, and healers like you more than ever.

Don’t walk this path alone. Get the support you need.

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“Britt is optimistically pragmatic, organized, action-oriented, inspired in her ability to work with clients’ habits and idiosyncrasies across contexts, and inspiring. Her vision for her clients is big and generous, but the steps she recommends are manageable, easy to implement, and generate their own positive momentum!”

Michelle Yee, Educator

“Britt is extremely effective at whipping your business plans and goals into shape. She is organized and motivating, and always has a creative solution to every problematic hurdle. I highly recommend Britt for helping to clarify your big vision and taking the small steps to make it happen.”

Jennifer Moore, Owner, Monaluna Organic Fabric