Britt Bravo

Hello Big Visionary!

You’re probably reading this page because you’re trying to decide if I’m the person who can help you get unstuck and moving towards your big vision. I thought it would be helpful for you to know a little bit about my Big Vision journey.

I grew up in the small town of Mystic, CT. Even though I’ve lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 20 years, I still feel like a small town girl.

I went to a Catholic high school, where I spent most of my free time acting and dancing in plays after school. Once I got to college, I realized I didn’t want to be an actress, and got a BA in Sociology from Vassar College instead.

After college, I moved out to the Bay Area and did all kinds of jobs. I was an assistant to the Executive Director of an artist residency program, a buyer for a gift shop in the Haight, a yoga teacher, and a book researcher. After working for a few years, I got an MA in Creation Spirituality from Holy Names College.

After finishing my MA, I worked as a marketing director for an event production company, a donation coordinator for Odwalla, the assistant to the CFO of Mother Jones, and as a research fellow for the documentary, Easy Money, a FRONTLINE/Mother Jones co-production.

While at Mother Jones, I began volunteering for the arts education nonprofit, Streetside Stories, which teaches autobiographical writing to San Francisco public middle school students using storytelling and theater. My volunteer work turned into a staff position. I worked there as a teacher in the classroom, and then as the program director, for six years. In the evenings and on weekends, I taught workshops based on the book, Creating a Life Worth Living: Career Design for the Creatively Inclined.

One of the jobs of the program director at Streetside Stories was to manage its 100+ virtual and in-person volunteer program. I became passionate about volunteerism, and wanted to start a business helping nonprofits build their volunteer programs. In 2005, I launched my business, Big Vision Consulting, and my blog, Have Fun * Do Good, with the idea that I would work with nonprofits to develop their volunteer programs while continuing to do creative career coaching with individuals.

One of my first contracts was to be the Community Builder for NetSquared, a project of TechSoup. NetSquared was at the cutting edge of helping nonprofits build capacity and community around social media. I became immersed in the world of nonprofits and social media. I wrote for the NetSquared blog every day, and posted twice a week on BlogHer about nonprofits and social good. I started my own podcast, The Big Vision Podcast, and produced the Arts and Healing Podcast, the NetSquared Podcast, and hosted Echoing Green’s Be Bold Podcast. My local newspaper, The East Bay Express, named me the “Blogger/Podcaster Most Dedicated to Social Change.” I became a nonprofit social media consultant and facilitated trainings across the country.

As I continued to blog personally and professionally, blogging became one of my favorite social media tools. I focused my trainings, organizational consultations and individual coaching sessions around blogging. One of my blog consulting clients was Rockwood Leadership Institute, an Oakland-based nonprofit that provides transformative leadership training for social change, nonprofit and philanthropic organizations. I fell in love with Rockwood’s work, and joined the organization as a communications consultant, and then as a staff member, when I became their senior communications manager.

Today, I’m back running my business as a Big Vision Consultant. I help individual entrepreneurs, healers, artists, writers and social changemakers realize their big visions, blogs, and books, while continuing to work with nonprofits and businesses on all things related to communications and community-building. I’ve also become interested in the connection between positive psychology and mindfulness, and feel that it will be a part of the next step in my big vision journey.

I’ve shared this looooooong story with you so that you’ll know that wherever you are on your big vision path, I can meet you there. I’ve worked for businesses and nonprofits, for myself and for others, been clear about my purpose and totally confused, experienced heartbreaking disappointment and incredible success. Through it all I have always known that if we follow our big vision, we will make the world a better place. I would be honored to help you realize yours.

~ Britt

Photo by Same Ol’ Kie

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