Britt BravoWhen I was growing up, I used to go over to my friends’ houses and clean their rooms. I love to create systems and bring order to disorder.

What does that have to do with communications consulting?

Well, as your editor I will make your writing more streamlined, as your copywriter I will organize and ground your ideas, as your strategic planner I will prioritize your communications’ needs and put them in a timeline, and as your trainer I will turn abstract concepts into useful tools.

I have worked as a communications consultant, blogger, podcaster, community builder, and social media trainer for nonprofits and small businesses for over ten years (click here to view my LinkedIn profile).

When I’m not working, I enjoy life in the Bay Area with my husband and our cat, Dora, who thinks she is a dog. I love to saturate the color in my Instagram photos, go to Zumba classes with great Latin music, and read cozy mysteries.

Photo by Same Ol’ Kie

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