The World Needs Your Big Vision. Don’t wait.

I believe that we each have callings, or what I like to call, Big Visions, that will bring forth our best selves and in turn will contribute to the greater good.

You might be called to write a book, start an organization, create a product, or open a healing practice.

Your Big Vision may mark the culmination of a lifetime of work, a radical shift in your professional identity, or the beginning of a new life path.

Making your Big Vision real requires experimentation, learning, planning, regular action steps, perseverance, and support.

You also need to communicate your Big Vision through your website copy, e-news, and more. Keeping it under wraps isn’t going to help you, or anyone else.

I’ve helped hundreds of creative entrepreneurs, changemakers, writers, artists, and healers to find clarity when they are confused, take action when they feel stuck, and communicate their Big Vision when it feels too amorphous or vulnerable to put into words.

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My commitment to you

• To see the potential and possibilities for your Big Vision and help you walk towards it.

• To help you communicate your Big Vision in a way that is authentic while also being clear to your audience.

• To offer guidance that balances idealism, intuition, and kindness with down-to-earthiness, practicality, and directness.

• To encourage you beyond your comfort zone, but not so far that it’s yucky.


Britt Bravo is a Big Vision coach and copywriter who has worked at the intersection of personal growth, the arts, social change, and communications for 20+ years. An early adopter of social media for social change, her local paper named her the “Best Podcaster/Blogger Most Dedicated to Social Change” and she was listed in Fast Company’s “Women in Nonprofit Technology Who Rock.” For many years, Britt was a Nonprofits and Social Change Contributing Editor for BlogHer, and the producer and host of the Arts and Healing Network’s podcast, as well as of her own podcast, the Big Vision Podcast. She holds a BA in Sociology from Vassar College and an MA in Creation Spirituality from Holy Names College. Originally from Mystic, CT, she lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and their cat who thinks she is a dog.

Britt has been an efficient, incisive, and impactful ally. She cuts through the noise and distractions, zeroes in on the crucial dilemmas I face, and helps me move forward with clarity and momentum. I recommend Britt highly to other creatives who are searching for ways to bring their passions to the world.

Nina Schnall, Yoga of Writing Instructor & Artistic Director

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Portrait photos by Kierra Jenaé Johnson