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It’s time to get the support you need.

You’re not looking for a “guru” or someone to tell you what to do. You want a thought partner, a friendly companion, a trusted guide to support you on your journey as a creative entrepreneur, changemaker, writer, artist, or healer.

Our calls or walks (if you live in the Bay Area) will help you feel focused, organized, and grounded so you can move towards your Big Vision. We’ll co-create a manageable action plan you’re excited to implement. And I’ll be there to support you every step of the way.

“Britt is so mind-blowingly smart you’ll thank yourself twenty times over for calling her. She is the type of person who will go that extra mile and turn over every stone to ensure your needs are met. Hire her. You won’t be sorry.”

Cami Walker, author, New York Times Bestseller, 29 Gifts: How a Month of Giving Can Change Your Life

Our work together will give you:

• Clarity about what your Big Vision for your work is.
• A manageable, practical action plan.
• Guidance on how to communicate your Big Vision.
• Accountability to keep your momentum going.
• Thought partnership to work through your ideas.

And if we walk during our sessions, walking in nature can:

• Help you generate more ideas
• Improve your mood and self-confidence
• Reduce stress

Read more about the power of Walking Into Your Big Vision.

Big Vision walks are on hiatus because of COVID-19.

How it works

We’ll start by setting up a free, 30-minute Zoom, or phone call to get to know each other and see if we’re a fit.

If we are, we’ll schedule our first call, or walk. We’ll set manageable goals for the time we’ll be working together (e.g. 2 or 3 months) and then create action plans for how to reach those goals. Each call, or walk usually has four parts:

• Checking in (non-judgmentally) on your progress completing what you’d said you’d like to do between calls/walks.
• Discussing what worked, what didn’t, and why.
• Working through any new challenges that have come up since our last call/walk.
• Creating a manageable action plan for what you’ll work on between calls/walks.

When you commit to two calls each month for 2-3 months, you’ll receive reasonable email support between calls. I also write up notes from each call/walk, so that they are easy for you to review any time.

“I literally don’t know if I could have launched this business without Britt. Before her support I was overwhelmed with possible projects, but unclear about which to pursue first.  Though I sensed that the many items on my plate were mutually supportive towards helping my business grow, I wasn’t sure how. Britt offers clarity and practical tools to be in action now around what I’m dreaming of creating. I come away from our time together feeling inspired and like I can do it. Engaging in the next steps we’ve outlined has helped to build my confidence and make me feel like I am moving towards my dreams.”

Kelsey Blackwell, somatic coach and author of Decolonizing the Body: Healing, Body-Centered Practices for Women of Color to Reclaim Confidence, Dignity, and Self-Worth.

Schedule your free 30-minute phone, or Zoom call.

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“You have been an amazing support with my business, helping me grow, and giving me great guidance and feedback. THANK YOU!! Without your support, things wouldn’t be the same.”

Lilia Roman, founder, Ollin Yoga


3-month commitment to your Big Vision
Two one-hour Zoom calls, or walks per month.
$198/month ($99/session)
Includes reasonable email support between sessions.

2-month commitment to your Big Vision
Two one-hour Zoom calls, or walks per month.
$250/month ($125/session).
Includes reasonable email support between sessions.

1 one-hour Zoom call, or walk

I want to help as many people as possible realize their Big Vision. If you are really committed to doing this work and the prices don’t fit your budget, or you’d prefer a different frequency, please let me know during our 30-minute call.

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