Use your gifts

you have a gift

I find it hard to know what to write during times like these when each day reveals another act of inhumanity. But to not address how deeply horrible many of the things going on in the world are also feels wrong. For me, the Eli Stone quote above is one way to move through overwhelm and paralysis and “what-can-I-do-ness.”

Think about the gifts you’ve been given.

Everyone has them. None are less powerful than another.

You don’t have to be given gifts that make you successful at running for office, organizing your community, writing an Op-Ed, or leading a protest to make a difference.

If your gifts show up in the world in small and quiet ways, they can still relieve another person’s suffering.

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2 thoughts on “Use your gifts

  1. Margaux O'Malley says:

    Thank you, Britt, this is beautiful. It’s so hard to know what to do, and feelings of overwhelm and powerlessness quickly come in to join the rage, frustration and disappointment. I love how framing it like this gives me hope. I’m good at ___, how can I use that to make even a small difference for the better?

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