Kind reminders for when feeling down gets in the way of your Big Vision

As the days get shorter, I’ve noticed that some of my clients are feeling a bit droopier than usual. Cold, dark weather can sometimes drain your energy and make it more challenging to take steps towards your Big Vision. Plus, for some people the holidays can be a challenging time.

When we’re feeling down, it can be hard to do even the most basic things to not lose momentum. Below are some “kind reminders” along with an image you can print and put up somewhere to help you remember.


Feeling down happens, but it doesn’t mean you can’t live your Big Vision. You just might need some extra tools along the way, like fortifying your wellness foundations by:

  • Getting enough sleep – Everything is harder without sleep, but if you’re feeling down, it can be really hard. This is priority number one.
  • Eating three meals a day – Blood sugar drops can put a dip in your mood.
  • Doing regular exercise you enjoy – There’s lots of research about how exercise can help you feel better.
  • Connect with other people – It’s easy to become isolated, especially if you work by yourself. Socializing, especially face-to-face, can help.


If you’re feeling low, sometimes your emotions can start to run the show. This can be frustrating when you want to work on your Big Vision. In addition to fortifying your wellness foundation, create structures so your day doesn’t float away on a wave of feelings by:

  • Blocking out time to work on your Big Vision (and using it) – Spending time on your Big Vision takes energy, but it can also give you energy. If you’re feeling down, you may not take time for it because you’re “not feeling up to it.” Try to gently acknowledge that you feel poopy, and then keep on keeping on because the world needs your Big Vision. Schedule time in your calendar every day, or every week to work on it.
  • Work with an accountability partner(s) – A great way to make sure you’re using your blocked out Big Vision time is to find someone (a friend, colleague, coach, or group) to check in with on a regular basis. The process will be helpful for you and for them. Plus, supporting others can lift your spirits.


If your feelings are overwhelming and are stopping you from doing the things you want to do on a regular basis, please get professional help. We need your Big Vision.


Disclaimer: I am not a therapist and nothing written here is meant to be therapeutic, or medical advice.


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Photo by Ray Hennessy on Unsplash

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