What if you’re not the only one?

This video and song, “You’re Not the Only One,” (if you can’t see the video above, click here) was created collaboratively with 66 videos, 1 piece of text, 1 image, and 79 audio clips. The song is a project of hitRECord, actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s, “open collaborative production company.”

I can’t stop watching it, especially around minute 1:47 when the vocals from community contributors come in.

Anyone can contribute video, text, images, or audio on the hitRECord website with the understanding that whatever they post can be remixed. The company has created books, short films, music, and a TV variety show, HitRecord on TV, which is how I learned about it (the first season is on Netflix). The artists receive payment for their contributions to the products that they help to create.

In the Los Angeles Daily News article, “Joseph Gordon-Levitt: ‘You’re Not the Only One’ is a creative collaboration,” Gordon-Levitt explains that he does take leadership around directing the collaborations. It’s not a “free-for-all.” If you wanna see how the process works, Gordon-Levitt put a call out yesterday for video, text and music to create a short film about, “In-Between Moments.”

What does this have to do with your Big Vision?

Sometimes, when we have a Big Vision for our work in the world, we feel like we’re the only one. We’re the only one with this vision. We’re the only one who can do it. We’re the only one who can make it happen.

But what if you’re not the only one?

What if there are people out there who share your Big Vision and collaborating with them can actually make it bigger and better?

Take a moment to think about your Big Vision for your work in the world.

  • How would collaborating with others help your Big Vision grow?
  • What would your ideal collaborators be like (e.g. skills, location, interests, similarities to you, differences from you)?
  • How can you find your collaborators (e.g. you already know them, post a call on social media, organize an in-person gathering in your community, join an existing online or in-person community)?

What is one action you can take next week to find collaborators to help realize your Big Vision?


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