Big Vision Love Month: Pay What You Can

Big Vision Love Month

January was a rough month. I had surgery to remove one large kidney stone and two small ones. It didn’t go well. What was supposed to be one night in the hospital turned into five, and I had to have a second surgery when part of my lung collapsed.

It was the hardest week of my life.

As I lay in the hospital questioning everything I believed in, only one thing was clear: the love and kindness of friends, family and strangers was what was sustaining me. The power of love and kindness to heal is real.

I decided then that if I made it out of the hospital OK, I was going to offer Big Vision Consulting sessions for a month for “pay-what-you can” (I wish I could offer this all of the time, but frankly, living in the Bay Area is crazy expensive).

Being confused, stuck, or in transition around your work in the world, can be painful and financially stressful. Sometimes all it takes is one hour talking to someone to clear the path ahead.

If you feel like you need some help navigating your big vision for your work in the world, I hope you’ll take advantage of Big Vision Love Month.

During the month of February, when you purchase a one-hour Big Vision Consulting session, you will have the option to pay-what-you-can. You can use the session any time, not just in February. It never expires. Directions for how to pay-what-you-can are at the bottom of my Big Vision Consulting page.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.”

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