7 Social Media and Online Marketing Tips for Healers


Dear massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, therapists, and healers of all kinds,

Because many of you are very kind, sensitive and generous people who would prefer to ease someone’s pain rather than think about marketing, I say to you in the gentlest of voices, your online presence matters.

Since I had surgery in January, I’ve researched a lot of healers trying to decide who could help me based on their online presence, and well, the results were not pretty.

I totally understand that you may have limited time, and/or financial resources, so here are eight simple, affordable things you can do to bring wellness to your online presence.

Google your name and the name of your business. Scroll through the results. Delete, or update any outdated social media profiles, or other items that might cause a potential client to say, “Hmmm . . .” when they Google you. If something shows up about you on another person’s website that is outdated, ask them to update it, or take it down.

Make sure all your information is consistent. Your website, social media profiles and any other online listings for your business should all have the same contact information, rates, hours, address, profile photo, description, logo, and insurance you accept. It’s worth putting #1 and #2 in your calendar to do once a year.

Look at your website on a phone, or tablet. Is it easy to navigate and book appointments? If not, it’s time to update your website platform and/or booking system to one that is more mobile friendly. For example, you can build a website on WordPress.com for free and most of the templates are mobile friendly. And here’s a list of scheduling software options. Check out the websites of competitors and collaborators to see what they are using to book appointments. If you like a healer’s website, drop her a note and ask what platform it’s built on and who created it for her.

Adjust your personal Facebook profile privacy settings. If what you share on Facebook is meant for friends and family, but would be inappropriate for clients to see (e.g. half naked photos of you at Burning Man, political rants, complaints about how business is slow) change your Facebook privacy settings to limit sharing content with only “friends.” You can also choose to not have search engines outside of Facebook link to your personal profile for extra privacy.

If your headshot is 5-10 years old, you need a new one. Look straight into the camera, rather than off to the side, so that potential clients can look into your eyes. They need to know that they can trust you with their healing. Ask someone whose photography skills you admire if you can do a trade: headshots for healing work. For more profile photo best practices, check out Entrepreneur.com’s 7 Tips to Make Sure Your LinkedIn Picture is Helping, Not Hurting Your Prospects.

Encourage Yelp reviews. It’s wonderful if you have 25 five star reviews, but if they are all from five years ago, it looks like your services have gone downhill, or that you’ve gone out of business, especially if Yelp is your only online presence. Yelp doesn’t suggest that business owners ask for reviews, but it does provide these tips for how to encourage them.

Post regularly on your social media profiles and blog. Even if you post something once a month, it’s better than not posting at all. If you feel stuck about what to share, think about what could contribute to the wellness and healing of your clients and potential clients (e.g. healing tips, healing articles and videos by you and others, healing event announcements, last minute session openings, inspiring quotes and photos, holiday hours, special discounts). If you haven’t updated your social media profiles or blog in a year, and don’t see yourself doing it anytime soon, I would suggest deleting them, or directing people who land on them to your most frequently updated online presence.

There are so many people who need healing. I hope that these tips help you to reach the people in need of your wonderful gifts.

With much respect and admiration,


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4 thoughts on “7 Social Media and Online Marketing Tips for Healers

  1. klforster says:

    One last post – this is a great list. I never thought about registering with Yelp for an online business (always thought of it more for bricks and mortar stores). And will have to look into Facebook – I know my privacy settings are good but didn’t know about choosing to not have search engines outside of Facebook link to your personal profile for extra privacy. Will have to look into that. And yes – headshots – that’s on my list for this year!

    thanks for all of this – your blog is an amazing resource!

  2. Eileen says:

    Great Tips and Reminders, especially those on outdated prices and yes I regularly get enquiries from really old details on other sites

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