Feel blocked? Look for the hidden path.

Do you feel like the path to your Big Vision is blocked by an insurmountable obstacle?

What if it’s just that the path isn’t as A-Z as you think it should be?

It’s possible that the way to achieve your Big Vision is a circuitous route that at times seems hidden.

Last week I went hiking in Oakland’s beautiful Redwood Regional Park with a friend. She only had an hour before her next appointment, so we were walking at a pretty good pace until we saw this fallen tree.

Forest path blocked by large fallen tree

Too high to climb over, too low to crawl under, the tree blocked the whole trail. Staring at it straight on, it looked impassable. We wondered if we were going to have to backtrack to return to the parking lot (which would have made my friend very late for her appointment) until we went to the end of the log and saw a hint of a path.

Curved path around fallen tree in forest

Even though we couldn’t see where it led, we followed its curve . . .

Curved path in forest around fallen tree

and then another curve . . .

Forest path

until we were back on the main trail.

Forest path

The next time you feel blocked on your way to your Big Vision, be open to the possibility that there may be another way to get there— a path that is less used, or has a circuitous route. Even if you can’t see your final destination right away, if you keep your final Big Vision in mind, you’ll get there.

Reflection questions to play with:

• Where do you feel blocked in your Big Vision for your work in the world?
• What do you think the way to get there “should” look like?
• Let yourself imagine 1-3 ways to realize your Big Vision that are different than the “should” way. How might they look?
• What is one small step you could take to explore one of these “hidden” paths?

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Photo by Pika on Unsplash

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