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Feeling Stuck? Return to your Big Vision.

Are you feeling stuck on your path to the work you want to do in the world? You’re not alone! Reconnecting to your excitement around your vision can help.

Stories about people achieving their Big Vision often make it look easy. The person has a vision, writes it down on a napkin, a series of synchronistic events fall into place, and voilà: vision achieved!

The reality is, the path to your Big Vision can be full of challenges, obstacles, and just plain ‘ole boring tasks. It’s possible to get stuck, stalled, confused, or to simply lose enthusiasm.

The remedy: Go back to your vision, your image of the ideal outcome, the “why” behind you actions. Keeping the excitement and energy of the place that dreaded task will take you can help you move through it with greater ease.

Take an action that feels fun, easy, and aligned with your vision. Reconnect with your vision to refuel before going back to the hard work of making it real.

Some things inspiring my Big Vision

Workshop about inclusive copyediting with Alex Kapitan of Radical Copyeditor.

The Growth Mindset, a 4- week UC Davis course offered by Coursera.

Kim Stanley Robinson’s novel, Ministry of the Future.

After a beautiful trip to Portugal in April, fado music and the concept of saudade.

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2 thoughts on “Feeling Stuck? Return to your Big Vision.

  1. JesiVega says:

    I agree — it’s ALWAYS good to remember the original BIG vision. And yay to the saudade and fado. Can’t have joy without a little melancholy 🙂

  2. tha40 says:

    Hi Britt…always good advice. You are right that writing down your purpose in life is vitally important and carry it with you. I have found my purpose has evolved over the years.

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