Why Not Set Your 2024 Goals in November?

On January 1st, millions of people will set their goals for 2024. Why not create your 2024 goals in November?

December gives a sense of false spaciousness.
Photo of a sunset with pink clouds over the horizon of the Atlantic Ocean by Britt Bravo.

Whether or not you celebrate any of the winter holidays, things tend to slow down at the end of the year. December is a wonderful time to get back in touch with what’s important and it’s easy to forget how busy regular life is.

Winter is a low energy hibernation time.
Man walking through a forest in the snow in the winter taken by Britt Bravo

Snow. Rain. Ice. Barren tree branches. Grey skies. These are the goodies that January holds (in the northern hemisphere). And yet that’s when we’re supposed to go gangbusters on our 2024 goals. Hmm. Winter is good for resting and preparing the soil for the newness of spring. Not for blooming.

Why not set your 2024 goals in November instead?
Fall tree with yellow leaves in the foreground in Banff National Park by Britt Bravo.

Unfortunately, society isn’t set up to rest in winter, so what do you do? Why not set your New Year’s goals in November? It’s towards the end of the year, so it still has that reflection-time feel without the false sense of spaciousness. And instead of going full speed ahead in the dreariest time of the year, you can create a year-long plan that builds in activity and intensity through spring, relishes the laziness of summer, reaps the “harvest” in the fall, and slows down in the winter.

Start to imagine your 2024 today.
Looking up at the sky through red fall leaves. The shape between the leaves makes a heart in the sky. Taken by Britt Bravo

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