One tool to help you move through writer’s block

I recently heard someone say that they felt called to write, but were too afraid to start. There are lots of reasons writing can feel scary, but the big one is fear of failure. Even though it’s kind of hip right now to talk about the “benefits of failure,” let’s be real, failure is not as fun as success. It’s just not.

But what if there is someone out there who needs to read your book, or magazine article, or blog post, or poem, or play? Sadly, because you aren’t writing it, or sharing it, they’ll never get to read it. They’ll never be inspired, or laugh, or learn, or lose an afternoon happily swept away in your writing.

best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of othersWhen I get stuck staring at the blank page, or screen, I try to remember to ask myself, “How might my writing be of service to someone today?” When I focus on how my writing might entertain, or educate, or inspire someone, it is no longer about me and my fear of failure. It’s about helping someone else. Thinking about writing and sharing our writing as an act of service can help us get out of our own way and create.

Plus, it’s so easy to share writing today with a blog, or self-published book, self-published e-book, Facebook update, or an email to friends. Basically, “no one will ever read it” isn’t a valid excuse anymore.

Someone out there needs to read your writing.

Don’t let your fear stop you.

Start writing.

And share it.

You’ll feel better and so will your readers.

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