How to make a big vision journal + 7 writing prompts for your fall reflections

One way to sustain your journey towards your big vision for your work in the world is to take time for reflection. If you like to write in a journal, like I do, you can make a special notebook just for your Big Vision reflections. All you need is some old magazines, a notebook, scissors, glue, and clear contact paper (which I forgot to put in the photo). You don’t really need the tape, but I have it on hand for images that just won’t stick.

Big Vision Journal materials

I find that each notebook takes me about 1-2 hours to make.  Sometimes I have a very clear idea of the images I want, but most of the time I work intuitively. For 10-15 minutes, I flip through magazines and tear out pages that jump out at me. Then, I cut out the specific images and words that caught my eye and lay them out on the notebook.

I often don’t use all of the images and words I cut out. If I like them a lot, but just not for that particular notebook, I throw them into an 8.5 x 11 envelope that I keep with my collage materials so I can use them another time.

Big Vision Journal fall

I usually start with the largest images first, and then add the smaller ones in the empty spaces. I like working with Decomposition notebooks because they have nice patterns on them, so if I don’t want to collage the back of the notebook, or if some of the notebook’s original design peeks through, it still looks nice.


Once I’ve decided on a design I like, I glue everything down with the glue stick. Because I sometimes carry my journal around with me, I cover the book with clear contact paper so that the images won’t tear. The contact paper on the journals pictured above turned out a little bumpy, but here’s a tutorial on how to cover books in contact paper without bubbles, if you want to make sure yours is smooth.


Now its time to start writing! I’m a big fan of free writing without editing and just letting everything pour out, but sometimes prompts can help get your pen flowing, so here are some starter questions:

  1. What was my Big Vision at this time last year? How has it changed?
  2. What is working on my journey towards my Big Vision? What should I keep doing?
  3. What isn’t working on my journey towards my Big Vision? What should I let go of?
  4. What are the greatest obstacles I’m facing as I work towards my Big Vision? What would help me move through them (e.g. taking a class, working with a coach, getting more sleep, opening a savings account, taking a vacation, talking with a friend, getting a “day job”)?
  5. If I’ve been focusing a lot on my self, how can I put more energy into serving others with my Big Vision? If I’ve been focusing a lot on serving others, how can I put more energy into taking care of myself?
  6. What do I want to harvest, or complete this fall related to my Big Vision?
  7. What am I grateful for related to my Big Vision?

If you share a photo of your Big Vision Journal on Instagram, please tag it with #bigvisionjournal so I can see it!

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