10 ways to make time to write and create

Path to Time

I’ve compiled 10 tips for us about how to make time to write and create. Be sure to click on the links to the posts for more juicy tips!

  1. Wake up earlier (Create time to change your life via Zen Habits)
  2. Know when you work best (How to create time for your passion project via Idealist)
  3. Make creating a priority (The simple secret to finding more time to make art via A Big Creative Yes)
  4. Make creating the first thing (10 tips for making time to write via Writer’s Digest)
  5. Set aside specific time every day (or every week) for creating (Make art more efficient with a schedule via TeeFury)
  6. Commit to only a tiny amount of creating each day (3 tips that will help you make time to write via BlogHer)
  7. Shut off the internet (Writing a book – finding time via Chris Brogan)
  8. Let the Crock-Pot do the cooking (5 ways to make time for art via Balzer Designs)
  9. Create with your friends (How to make art no matter how busy you are via The Art of Education)
  10.  Accept that being creative is not always easy (10 tips for making more time to make via Etsy)

How do you make time to write and create?

Photo by me.

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