Cultivating Calm Strength for the Long Haul

One of the things that has been a touchpoint for me during this tumultuous post-election time has been a 23-minute video CNN contributor and founder of Dream Corps and Rebuild The Dream, Van Jones, posted on Facebook on November 10th.

When I feel overwhelmed, I hear him saying:

“Please don’t forget we have 70 days . . . and 70 days is a very long time for us to plan and to get ready.”

As the time between now and January 20, 2017 passes, I keep thinking, “How do I need to get ready?”

Two words come to mind, calm strength. I need to cultivate calm strength.

calm strength sunset
One of the things I’ve learned on my healing journey, is how important it is to be able to calm myself, and how much clearer, stronger, smarter, more effective, and more loving I am when I am calm.

One of the things that has given me calm strength each day since the election has been to go for a walk, take photos, and watch the sunset. The walking burns off nervous energy and taking photos helps me notice the beauty around me. Being outside during the sunset reflects how I am feeling inside: we are entering a time of darkness, but at some point, someday, the light will return.


I’ve been sharing photos from my sunset walks on Instagram, if you would like to connect there.

What helps you cultivate calm strength?

All photos by me.

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