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Nervous about networking? Remember your Deep Why.

When it comes time to share your Big Vision for your work in the world, it’s normal to feel nervous. Whether it’s something big like giving a talk, or something everyday like describing it to someone you meet at a party, it can be hard to talk about yourself.

You might find yourself thinking things like:

“I’m not ____________enough.”

“I’m too ____________.”

“Other people are more ______ so they should do this.”

“Everyone has already talked about this. My ideas aren’t needed.”

Here’s the thing. Only you have your own Deep Why. The Deep Why behind your Big Vision for your work in the world is usually a combination of a Personal Why and a Bigger Than Me Why.

The Personal Why originates from your experience. Oftentimes something happened in your life that was painful. Doing your Big Vision work is healing for you.

The Bigger Than Me Why comes from realizing that other people are struggling with similar challenges. You’re driven to do your Big Vision work in the hope that you can contribute to a positive shift in their life, and/or our collective lives.

When you tap into your Deep Why, it can help you see how your Big Vision is unique, needed, and worth sharing. The next time you feel nervous about telling someone about your Big Vision, remember your Deep Why. It will help ( :

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One thought on “Nervous about networking? Remember your Deep Why.

  1. Tom Aageson says:

    That Bib Why appears parallel to our insight, our vision to solve a problem, usually a lack of basic elements of humanity, health, housing, safety, education and more.I like your approach.

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