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How to Find A New Career When You Feel Confused

Do you feel ready to find a new career, but feel confused and unclear about what it might be?

When we feel like we don’t have a clear vision of what our new career looks like, it’s often because:

1. We don’t have enough information

and / or

2. We’re afraid of our vision, so our brain tells us that we “don’t know” the answer.

A great remedy for career confusion is to take small actions to explore what you do know in this moment.

For example, you could:

1. Brainstorm all the possible career paths you could take. You can do this by yourself or with a friend, coach, or mentor. Let yourself write down all of your ideas — idealistic and realistic.

2. Narrow your list down to the 3-5 career paths you feel the most excited to explore. Feeling energized about investigating these paths is important! It takes time to find a new job, or grow a new venture. And then once you’ve gotten the job, or started your own thing, you’ll be spending a lot of time working. If you’re not motivated now, it’s not likely you’re going to want to be on this new path for very long.

3. Commit to taking small action steps each week to help you explore the 3-5 paths. For example, let’s say these are your five paths:

Path A: Get a 40-hour a week job in one field.

Path B: Work as a freelancer in a different field.

Path C: Write a book about a side interest while staying in your present career.

Path D: Create a business on your own.

Path E: Creating a business with a partner.

One week’s action steps might look like:

Path A: Apply to two full time jobs.

Path B: Make a list of people and organizations to pitch your services to.

Path C: Work on your book for one hour on Monday and Wednesday.

Path D: Ask a few friends if you can test out your product or service with them.

Path E: Set up a Zoom call to see if the partner you have in mind is interested in your idea.

You could ask a friend to be an accountability buddy to help you take small actions each week.

What usually happens is that as you take steps along each path, things become clearer and less confusing. Some paths fall away. Others open up. Sometimes two paths combine into one.

Choosing to find a new career is a big deal! As much as you know you’re ready to do something new, uncertainty about the future can stop you in your tracks. It’s normal to feel confused. It’s normal to be afraid. Even good changes can create loss. Taking tiny actions steps will help you find your way.

owl with funny expression. How to find a new career when you feel confused

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