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Even good changes can create loss.

When your Big Vision becomes real, your life changes. You move, start a new job, get more clients, begin a training program, get a book deal, rent an office, commit to a daily creative practice, enter into a new relationship, etc.

Here’s what no one tells you. With each wonderful thing that happens, you also lose something. You leave people behind when you move, or change jobs. When you do work you love, go back to school, enter into a new relationship, or commit to a creative practice, you have less time for other things. And even deeper —- big changes can cause you to lose your identity and the way you’ve always done things.

Sometimes these changes happen so fast and are so big that even though you want them to happen, you also kinda want them to stop. Change, even good change, can be uncomfortable, and leave you feeling unsettled and disoriented.

As a way to cope, you might find yourself trying to fit all the parts of your old life into your new life. You might be unwilling to accept that there isn’t enough room for it all. But the truth is that you have to let some things go in order to make room for the new things.

If you are going through a big change, create time each day for at least one practice that grounds you. It could be exercise, walking, drawing, journaling, prayer, meditation, watching the sunrise, or cooking. Whatever works for you. It doesn’t need to take a long time, or be whatever “experts” recommend. Only you know what helps you feel centered and calm.

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