Calling all healers


Since the election, when I’ve been thinking about how to best be of service during this time, I’ve heard a little voice in my head say, “Help the healers.”

At first, this didn’t make sense to me, and then I thought about how divided we are as a nation. How the election has caused some people to lose friends and family members. How high stress levels are. We need healers, people who excel at making people and things whole again, more than ever.

The word “heal” comes from the Old English word hælan, to, “cure; save; make whole, sound and well.” If you consider your work to be healing (e.g. alternative medicine, art, bodywork, coaching, counseling, environmental, mediation, meditation, nonprofit, religious, social work, spiritual, teaching, therapy, western medicine, writing, yoga), I’d love it if you would take my anonymous 10-question Calling All Healers survey. I want to learn about your Big Vision for your healing work in the world, about what comes easily, and what your challenges are.

If you know of other healers who might be willing to take the survey, please pass it on to them.

Thank you!

P.S. If you’re a healer, you might like a post I wrote last summer, 7 Social Media and Online Marketing Tips for Healers.

Photo by me.

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