Follow the fun to get things done.

Sometimes you really want to do something, but keep putting it off. It might seem like strong-arming, or talking to yourself harshly is the best way to get motivated. And sure, sometimes we need to be firm with ourselves, but in general, being tough on ourselves doesn’t work. That tender little kid in you who for some reason is stomping their feet and yelling, “No!” needs a different kind of motivation. How about trying fun?

Studies have found that fun increase productivity in offices. Why not include more of it in your own work life?

A couple weeks ago, we chatted about making space for your 2020 Big Vision. I mentioned that I’ve been clearing out decades of paper files from my home office. Not long after I shared that with you, I hit a wall. Even though I wanted to clear everything out as soon as possible, and was taking small steps, no matter how many times I’d write it into my planner, the papers just sat there. Discipline and planning weren’t working.

So, I thought about why I didn’t want to do it. Basically, the amount of paper strewn everywhere was overwhelming and the tearing up /shredding process was boring. I realized I had to make it more fun.

I dragged everything into the living room and fired up Netflix and Hallmark Mysteries (don’t judge!). Being in a less messy space with something to take my mind off the tedium made things go much faster. And now I’m almost done!

Is there something you’d really like to do that would help you realize your Big Vision for your work in the world, but you’re just not doing it?

Is there a change you could make that would make whatever action you want to take more pleasurable?

Could you change your environment, the people involved, the time, your approach, or at least have good snacks?

Telling yourself to “Get it together,” or “Buckle down,” isn’t the best motivating message. Instead, try asking that little kid inside of you, “What would make this more fun?” Once you start moving through your resistance, you can establish more structure and discipline. But for now, if you’re feeling stuck try a little fun!

What is one small thing you could try this week to make your work more fun?

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One thought on “Follow the fun to get things done.

  1. Tom Aageson says:

    You are absolutely correct Britt. Finding joy in what you are working at, increases productivity. Fun can be a conversation that sparks ideas, it can be a break for a game, time to read, etc. It comes in many forms for each of us. But do find the joy.

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